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ITETHIC 2nd Trimester 2018-2019 Class Page

Page history last edited by Alfonso Nery 4 years, 10 months ago

ITETHIC 2nd Trimester 2018-2019 Class Page


Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Philippines License.



Reading List <--- read up!


For your Final Project - Book Review of the Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics - use this example


For your Final Book Project - Pick at least 50 essays and write a reflection each from Digital Ethics. Use this format and see how the other classes edited this page. (See this example and also this Book Project page example here). The Book Project page for this class is here.


For Contemporary Moral Problems questions see here



Names, Twitter and Pbwork Links

<Last Name>, <First Name>, <Your PBworks> <Twitter><--- please enter your names alphabetically


Abada, Abigail Hana, http://abigailhana.pbworks.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/Abibbibbi

Azman, Sarah, http://azman.pbworks.com, @disapparel

Baldemor, Carl James http://carlbaldemor.pbworks.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/CarlBaldemor

Bermejo, Aljay.  http://bermejoaljay.pbworks.com // twitter: https://twitter.com/AljayBermejo

Bo, Arthur Arild, http://boarild.pbworks.com/, Twitter: N/A


Cruz, Joshua Patrick, http://joshuacruz.pbworks.com Twitter: @JoshuaC62068827

Dela Vega, Paul, http://pauldelavega.pbworls.com, @thepauldv

Delos Santos, Kyle Chester, http://kylech19.pbworks.com, Twitter: @Dangelz19

Galang, Daniel, http://dimboi.pbworks.comhttps://twitter.com/dim_dimples

Gaminde, Marielle, http://mariellegaminde.pbworks.com, https://twitter.com/yelgaminde

Garcia, Peter Paul Martin, http://martingarcia.pbworks.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/MartinGarciaaaa

Gatuslao, Samuel, http://samgat.pbworks.com, Twitter: non existing
gnacio, Beatrice, http://beaignacio.pbworks.com 

Jung,Hyein,http://hyeinjung.pbworks.com, Twitter: @hyeinjung4

Kim, Hyoyoung, http://hyoyoung.pbworks.com, Twitter: @KimHyoyoung4

Lao, Michael Ron, PBworks: http://michaelronlao.pbworks.com/

Legaspi, Jericho Alecson, http://jericholegaspi.pbworks.com, Twitter: N/A

Lim, Lennard Marvin M., http://lennardlim.pbworks.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/LENNARDDLIM

Magtibay, Elijah Dennis Quert, http://elijahmagtibay.pbworks.com Twitter:@quertcobain

Mendoza, Phil Joseph, http://philjosephmendoza.pbworks.com, twitter: https://twitter.com/PhiLimonXD

Muros, Ericson, http://ercsnmrs.pbworks.com, Twitter: @ercsnmrs

Naoe, Diorisse, http://bjorr.pbworks.com/ , https://twitter.com/Diorisse1

Nelson, Gefferson, http://jeffnelson.pbworks.com/, (no twitter)Pan, Alvin Karl, http://alvinpan.pbworks.com, Twitter: N/A

Rodriguez, Ian Patrick, http://patrickrodriguez.pbworks.com, Twitter: @patrodrguez

Rodriguez, Miguel Carlos, http://micosoft.pbworks.com, Twitter: @Micosoft_

Soriano, Luis Antonio, http://antonsoriano.pbworks.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/lansor95

Tacadena,Paul Christian, http://paulchristiantacadena.pbworks.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tacadensss 

Tan, Pauline Stacey, http://paulinestaceytan.pbworks.com , Twitter: N/A

Uy, Edgar Joseph, edjuy.PBworks.com, @edjinamoka

Vidallon, John Vincent, https://jayveevidallon.pbworks.com Twitter: @jayvsvidallon

Villegas, Sean Patrick, http://seanpatrickvillegas.pbworks.com Twitter @VillegasSean 

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Diorisse Naoe said

at 11:48 pm on Jan 7, 2019

Arthur Arild Bo said

at 12:26 am on Jan 8, 2019

Bo, Arthur Arild, http://boarild.pbworks.com/, Twitter: @thurboo_

DavidChua said

at 10:35 am on Jan 8, 2019

kyle said

at 11:52 am on Jan 8, 2019

Delos Santos, Kyle Chester, http://kylech19.pbworks.com, Twitter: @Dangelz19

peterpaulmartin.garcia@... said

at 6:33 pm on Jan 13, 2019

Jeff said

at 7:14 pm on Jan 21, 2019

Nelson, Gefferson, http://jeffnelson.pbworks.com

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