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For Chinese Students

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This page is for Chinese Students




Reading ethical theories present a special challenge for Chinese students for whom English is not a native language. The language used for some of the foundational texts requires the use of a dictionary. This page is a guide for the Chinese student who might need some extra assistance to do the projects for this course.






CMP = "Contemporary Moral Problems"

CMP = "当代道德问题”

CMP = "當代道德問題”


1. Obtain the CMP Handout

1. 得到CMP赠送品

1. Obtain the CMP Handout


2. Read the first 12 Chapters

2. Read the first twelve chapters

2. Read the first twelve chapters


3. Choose a quote that is meaningful for for every chapter

3. 选择为为每个章节是意味深长的行情

3. 選擇為為每個章節是意味深長的行情


4. Add the Amazon.com link of the book

4. 增加书的Amazon.com链接

4. 增加書的Amazon.com鏈接


5. Read the whole chapter

5. 读整体章节

5. 讀整體章節


6. For every chapter, give a review. The review must be at least 250 words long.

6. 对于每个章节,给回顾。 回顾必须长期是至少250个词。

6. 对于每個章節,給回顧。 回顧必须長期是至少250個词。


7. You can use translate.google.com and/or babelfish.yahoo.com to translate from English to Chinese.

7. 您可以使用translate.google.com和/或babelfish.yahoo.com把从英语译成汉语。

7. 您可以使用translate.google.com和/或babelfish.yahoo.com把從英語譯成漢語。


8. Let's use the following text for example. Text is from this link (Shannong Angto)

8. 让我们使用下面的文字,例如。文字是从这个链接。(Shannon Angto)

8. 讓我們使用下面的文字,例如。文字是從這個鏈接。(Shannon Angto)


"Happiness for Aristotle is about virtue. He chooses virtue because it can instill in our lives even if we are still young. Aristotle explain moral virtue as the happiness that everyone is looking for. One person can get happiness if he/she is being respected by his/her workmates in their office. Aristotle characterizes life as a beast because we are humans and we are capable in doing things that we wanted to do."
"幸 福亚里士多德是美德。他选择,因为它可以凭借灌输在我们的生活,即使我们还年轻。亚里士多德解释道德的幸福,每个人都正在寻找。一个人可以得到幸福,如果 他/她是尊重他/她的同事在他们的办公室。亚里士多德的特征生命作为野兽,因为我们人类和我们有能力在做事,我们想做的事。"
"幸福亞里士多德是美德。他選擇,因為它可以憑藉灌輸在我們的生活,即使我們還年輕。亞里士多德解釋道德的幸福,每個人都正在尋找。一個人可以得到幸福,如 果他/她是尊重他/她的同事在他們的辦公室。亞里士多德的特徵生命作為野獸,因為我們人類和我們有能力在做事,我們想做的事。"
9. You can translate this back using any of the translators so you can find out the meaning.
9. 您可以将这一回使用任何翻译,您可以找出意义。
9. 您可以將這一回使用任何翻譯,您可以找出意義。
10. You can write your review in Chinese and then have it translated into English.
10. 您可以将这一回使用任何翻译,您可以找出意义。
10. 您可以將這一回使用任何翻譯,您可以找出意義。
11. Once you have it English, you can improve the grammar using polishmywriting.com
11. 一旦你有英语,你可以改善语法使用polishmywriting.com
11. 一旦你有英語,你可以改善語法使用polishmywriting.com
12. Some of the philosophers' names might not be the same in Chinese. Use google.com to do a customized search.


12. 一些哲学家的名字可能不一样的中国。使用google.com做定制搜索。
12. 一些哲學家的名字可能不一樣的中國。使用google.com做定制搜索。
13. If you put "Immanuel Kant" on the customized search it will show this link: http://www.hudong.com/wiki/Immanuel+Kant
13. 如果你把“Immanuel Kant”的定制的搜索,将显示此链接: http://www.hhttp://www.hudong.com/wiki/Immanuel+Kant
13. 如果你把“Immanuel Kant”的定制的搜索,將顯示此鏈接: http://www.hudong.com/wiki/Immanuel+Kant



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