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ICICI Bank Case Study Guide Questions

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ICICI Bank Case Study Guide Questions


1. What is ICICI Bank's innovation?

2. What is special about RBI's pilot project with NABARD in 1991?

3. According to Mahajan, why are the transaction costs of savings in formal institutions as high as 10% for the rural poor?

4. What are some of the problems of MFIs in India?

5. What are the two innovative BOP models of the ICICI?

6. What is the connection between Grameen Bank and Bank of Madura?

7. Describe ICICI's three-tier system. Discuss why it is three-tiered.

8. WhAT are the 3 essential steps in the SHG process? Comment on why each step is necessary.

9. Discuss the NABARD checklist for SHG's. Comment on why each item on the checklist is necessary.

10. What is the impact of microlending in a household according to a NABARD study?

11. Discuss the possible implementation of a smart-card based payment system? Would it work? Why?

12. Discuss the quote: "Banking with the pooer has undergone a paradigm shift. It is no longer viewed as a mere social obligation. It is financially viable as well". Do you think this quote can be applied in the Philippines? Discuss.

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