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ITC e-Choupal Case Study Guide Questions

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ITC e-Choupal Case Study Guide Questions


1. What is the innovation of the e-Choupal?

2. Discuss the paradox of Indian Agriculture?

3. Why is soya an important innovation in the Indian oilseed complex?

4. Describe the marketing processs before the introduction of e-Choupal.

5. Why is the mandi not an optimal procurement channel?

6. What were the advantages of ITC's competitors? How did ITC address them?

7. How did ITC "re-engineer as opposed to reconstruct"?

8. How did ITC "address the whole, not just a part"?

9. Was it wise for ITC to install an IT-driven solution where most people would not?

10. Why does the ITC insist that the sanchalaks NOT give up farming?

11. Why did the samyojaks introduce the ITC to the sanchalaks?

12. Describe the new ITC value chain. How different is it from the former value chain?

13. What is the social impact of the e-Choupals?

14. Describe Wave 6 of the e-Choupal. DO you think it is feasible?

15. Can something similar to an e-Choupal be implemented in the Philippines?

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