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Racial and Ethnic Relations by Feagin and Feagin Chapter 1 and 2 answers

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1.       Ideological racism


2.       Racial Group


3.       Ethnic Group


4.       Dominant Group


5.       Subordinate Group


6.       Dominant Culture


7.       Immigrant Culture


8.       Ethnocentrism


9.       Praejudicium


10.   Prejudice


11.   Stereotype


12.   Discrimination


13.   Isolate Discrimination


14.   Small-group Discrimination


15.   Direct Institutionalized Discrimination


16.   Indirect Institutionalized Discrimination


17.   Subtle Discrimination


18.   Covert Discrimination


19.   Systemic Discrimination


20.   Cumulative Discrimination


21.   Movements of Forced Labor


22.   Contract-Labor Movement


23.   Movement of displaced persons and refugees


24.   Voluntary Migration


25.   Exclusion or genocidal destruction


26.   Egalitarian symbiosis


27.   A hierarchy or stratification system


28.   Continuing genocide


29.   Continuing egalitarian symbiosis


30.   Replacement or stratification by inclusion along conformity lines


31.   Replacement of stratification by inclusion along cultural pluralism lines


32.   Continuing subordination, ranging from moderate to extreme, of a racial or ethnic group


33.   Cultural Assimilation


34.   Structural Assimilation


35.   Marital Assimilation


36.   Identification Assimilation


37.   Attitude-Receptional Assimilation


38.   Behaviour- Receptional Assimilation


39.   Civic Assimilation


40.   Capitalists


41.   Managers


42.   Petit bourgeoisie


43.   Working Class


44.   Initiation of Oppression


45.   Mechanism of Oppression


46.   Privileges of Oppression


47.   Elite Maintenance of Oppression


48.   Rationalization of Oppression


49.   Resistance to Oppression



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