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ITETHIC 3rd Trimester 2010-2011 Class Page

Page history last edited by Randel Ramirez 13 years, 1 month ago

NEW! Final Exams



Special Project [for those who need the extra grade, aspiring Dean's Listers, scholars etc]


1. See The MultiDimensional Ethic Scale 2011 by Jeriel Del Prado

2. fork Jeriel's github code on your OWN github page

3. deploy the app on Facebook

4. add me as co-developer

5. fb message me as soon as you are done

6. make a screencast - upload it on Vimeo/YouTube and put a Creative Commons Licence (by-nc-sa 3.0 Philippines)




Section 00A

<name>, <pbworks page>

ITETHIC Class Page (3rd Trimester 2010-2011)


The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid By C.K. Prahalad


ITETHIC "Book #2": Click Here


Please add your name alphabetically to the list


Section 00A

<name>, <pbworks page>


  1. Aguila, Tricia Ann Mae M., http://aguilatricia.pbworks.com/
  2. Bacani, Aileen Joy C. http://aileenbacani.pbworks.com/
  3. Balsacao, Pamela Janine M.  http://phambalsacao.pbworks.com/
  4. Barcelona, April Anne O. http://aprilbarcelona.pbworks.com/ 
  5. Barrometro, Glenn Q. http://glennquilonbarrometro.pbworks.com/
  6. Brion, Adrian S., ITETHIC
  7. Castro, Allan R. ITETHIC
  8. Castro, Maryrose France B. http://maryrosefrance.pbworks.com  
  9. Cortez, Ma. Tamarra E. http://tamerscortez.pbworks.com IEEE Code of Ethics Strengths & Weaknesses
  10. Del Prado, Jeriel Jan d.L., PBWorks - e-Choupal, CEMEX
  11. Del Rosario,  Kimberly Anne R., http://khymiko.pbworks.com 
  12. Dela Cruz, Dianna http://diannabdelacruz.pbworks.com
  13. Delos Reyes, Ricci G. http://ricci18.pbworks.com  
  14. Dhuck, Harman S. http://harmandhuck.pbworks.com  
  15. Florentino, Mary Joy I. ITETHIC
  16. Gagasa, Kathleen May C. http://kathleenmaygagasa02.pbworks.com
  17. Gayatao, Kristofer NiƱo Leo Del A. http://kristofergayatao.pbworks.com
  18. Ku, Sharlene Giselle O.  http://sharlene.pbworks.com 
  19. Lacosta, Ma. Patricia Cegi O. http://cegilacosta.pbworks.com
  20. Lee, Kristel Gem Lee - http://gemlee.pbworks.com
  21. Lee, Margaret N. - http://margaretlee.pbworks.com
  22. Lui, Melvin Chester P. - http://melvinlui.pbworks.com
  23. Mahtani, Manisha E. Tish'sPBWorks 
  24. Marcelo, Gerardine Joy M., http://gjmarcelo.pbworks.com IEEE Code of Ethics Strengths & Weaknesses
  25. Muyot, Manuel Miguel J., http://manuelmuyot.pbworks.com
  26. Natividad, Haru F., http://harunatividad.pbworks.com/
  27. Nemeno, Aaron Cymor M. http://aaroncymornemeno.pbworks.com/w/page/35732978/ITETHIC-Page
  28. Ocampo, Aldrine P. http://aldrineocampo.pbworks.com/
  29. Osorio, Carlos Alberto I. https://osorio22.pbworks.com/
  30. Quing, Kevin Willard T. http://onivek.pbworks.com/w/page/35285595/my+itethic+2010-2011+3rd+term
  31. Santos, Ronald Patrick J. - PBWorks 
  32. Sarmiento, Ruth Agnes S. http://ruthsarmiento.pbworks.com
  33. Ramal, Marlon M. http://marlonramal.pbworks.com 
  34. Velasquez, Roberto Jr. A. http://robertovelasquez.pbworks.com 
  35. Ramirez, Randel R.  http://randelramirez1.pbworks.com/w/page/28937380/Randel-Ramirez


ITETHIC Class Page (3rd Trimester 2010-2011)


Please add your name alphabetically to the list


Section O0B

<name>, <pbworks page>


1. Calo, Francis Victor R., ITETHIC

2. Claudio, Rafael Lorenzo M.  http://rlmclaudio.pbworks.com

3. Garcia, Anthony Joseph - http://anthonygarcia.pbworks.com

4. Hong, PeiYu - http://khaysier.pbworks.com/w/page/37870986/ITETHIC

5. Roman, Ma. Gianina Bea M. - IT-ETHIC

6. Tan, Albert Edlin - ITETHIC

7. Gomez, Kenneth Anthony N. - http://kennethgomez86.pbworks.com

8. Villanueva, Ian - ITETHIC

9. Gustilo, Jeric - http://jgustilo.pbworks.com

10. Tan, Marc Allen Matthew S. tan - http://thatguyallen.pbworks.com

11. Deogracias, Joseph Anthony G -http://josephdeogracias.pbworks.com/w/page/39010821/FrontPage#view=page

12. Paloma, Angelie http://nia9001.pbworks.com

13. Pilande, Marion James L. , http://marionjamespilande.pbworks.com

14. Roxas, Donalyn http://donaroxas.pbworks.com

15. Sandagon, Reynaldo III  http://reiisandagon.pbworks.com

16. Arzaga, Merk Cyrile V. PBWorks

17. Hizola, John Chester D. http://chesterhizola.pbworks.com

18. Montano, Jilianne Leigh G. http://jiliannemontano.pbworks.com

19. Dulatas, Patrick John H. http://patrickdulatas.pbworks.com 

20. Tan, Veronica M. http://nicatan23.pbworks.com/

21. Guelas, John Kenneth http://kennethguelas.pbworks.com

22. Alday, Bianca Trishia G. http://biancaalday.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=ITEHTIC

23. Japzon, Megan M. http://megjapzon.pbworks.com/w/page/35363653/FrontPage

24. Vasay, Brian Albert H. http://brianvasay.pbworks.com

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