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Final Exam 3rd Trimester 2010-2011 (April 26 2011)

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ITETHIC Final Exams 3rd Trimester 2010-2011
Name: Section:

This list is culled from https://www.eff.org/work - in 3-4 sentences, write what you know about the particular line item IN YOUR OWN words and make a STRONG ARGUMENT on WHY that particular line item is APPLICABLE or NOT in the Philippine context.

1. Anonymity
2. Bloggers' Rights
3. CDA 230
4. CyberSLAPP
5. No Downtime for Free Speech Campaign
6. The COICA Internet Censorship and Copyright Bill
7. Wikileaks
8. Accessibility for the Reading Disabled
9. Broadcast Flag
10.Coders' Rights Project
11.Digital Rights Management
12. Net Neutrality
13. Patents
14. Trusted Computing
15. Video Games
16. Copyright Trolls
17. Digital Radio
18. Digital Video
19. DMCA
20. File Sharing
21. Terms Of (Ab)Use
22. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
23. Broadcasting Treaty
24. Development Agenda
25. EFF Europe
26. Free Trade Agreement of the Americas
27. International Privacy Standards
28. Mandatory Data Retention
29. The Global Network Initiative
30. WIPO
32. Cell Tracking
33. Digital Books
34. International Privacy Standards
35. Locational Privacy, National Security Letters
36. NSA Spying
37. Online Behavioral Tracking
38. Pen Trap, Printers
39. Real ID
40. RFID
41. Search Engines
42. Search Incident to Arrest
43. Social Networks
44. Travel Screening
45. E-Voting Rights
46. FOIA Litigation for Accountable Government
47. Test Your ISP
48-50 Write down your ACM email address


Download the .PDF file here

Download the . DOC file here

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