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IBM db2 Certification Review Sign-Up Sheet 1T 2011-2012

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Please sign-up in this page


Name                                             ID#                                        PbWorks Site


<name>                                        <id>                                        <pbworks site>

Tamayo, Joed I.                        10777717                                         http://joedtamayo.pbworks.com

Muscat, Kevin Elbert B.            10853936                                        http://veckmyster.pbworks.com

Galarpe,Mark Jason G              10975438                                   http://markgalarpe.pbworks.com

Dulatas, Patrick                        10854444                                    http://patrickdulatas.pbworks.com

De Leon, Dominique                10853987                                        http://akosiniko.pbworks.com

Kumar, Amit                            10767185                                      My PBworks!

Jimenez, Meuryz Cleomar A.     10869492                                       http://meuryzjimenez.pbworks.com

Galang, Chrisen John Abraham 10979883                                        http://jabbigalang.pbworks.com

Valenzuela, Van Kevin A.           10968075                                        http://vanvalenzuela27.pbworks.com

Batomalaque, Jerome B.           10971637                                        http://jeromebatomalaque.pbworks.com

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Mary Grace said

at 12:35 pm on Jan 31, 2012

Pagatpatan Mary Grace B 10959173 http://gracepagatpatan.pbworks.com

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