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ITETHIC 2nd Trimester 2011-2012 Class Page

Page history last edited by Arel T. Magayon 12 years, 6 months ago

This is your ITETHIC 2nd Trimester 2011-2012 Class Page

(please add yourself alphabetically!)


NEW! NaNoWriMo 2011 notes

NEWER! CSR: Fundraising via WAC (proposals to be taken in next week!)


1. ANG, Pauline Adrienne S. - http://audrieang.pbworks.com

2. CASASOLA, Carlos Miguel C. - http://carloscasasola.pbworks.com

3. CHIONG, Ira Collene Dc. - http://irachiong.pbworks.com

4. FLORES, Lorenzo Miguel V. - http://enzoflores.pbworks.com/ITETHIC

5. GAERLAN, Hendrik Thomas T. - http://drikgaerlan.pbworks.com

6. GOIS, Duke M. - http://dukegois.pbworks.com

7. GONZAGA, Jessica Royce J. - http://jessicagonzaga.pbworks.com/w/page/45851654/FrontPage 

8. GUNIO, Marie Kathleen S. - http://kathsopeak.pbworks.com

9. LEE, Kenneth M. - http://kennethmlee.pbworks.com 

10. MACALAGAY, Jasper A. -  http://jaspermacalagay.pbworks.com

11. MAGAYON, Arel T. - http://rtrack07.pbworks.com / CEMEX / nanowrimo certificate

12. PASCUA, Rejeana Kaye C. - http://rejkayepascua.pbworks.com

13. TAN, Jenniffer Y. - http://jenniffertan.pbworks.com

14. TANCHANCO, Alfredo B. http://aldotanchanco.pbworks.com

15. VALMEO, Katrinna Marie T. - http://katrinnavalmeo.pbworks.com

16. VILLANUEVA, Roland Adrian P. - http://ianpvillanueva.pbworks.com

17. VILLARONTE, Gian Ruselo F. -http://gianfloresvillaronte.pbworks.com

18. VISTAN, Sandra Christine N. - http://sandyvistan.pbworks.com/ITETHIC_O0A

19. YUNGCO, Martha Christel L. - http://marthayungco.pbworks.com





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