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ITETHIC Class Page 3rd Trimester 2011-2012

Page history last edited by Renz Oruga 12 years ago

ITETHIC Class Page 3rd Trimster 2011-2012 Sections O0A & O0B


NEW! Reading List! <--- read up!

SURVEY - Please answer this survey - post a screenshot when you're finished - link it below!

Assignment due January 19 2012 1440H (2:30PM) click here for the Wikipedia assignment

NEW! Finals is HERE!




<Last Name>, <First Name>, <Your PBworks> <--- please enter your names alphabetically


Avila, Leoanrdo Jr. L., http://leoavila.pbworks.com https://github.com/leoavila11, WIKIASSIGNMENT || BookReview || SOCIALNETWORK || BOOK



Baldwin, Andrew Sean P. http://baldwinandrew29.pbworks.com, https://github.com/baldwinandrew29 , SURVEY IBM aNDREWBALDWIN.bmp  IETHICWIKIPEDIAHW.docx Socialnetw.docx BaldwinFinals.docx

Batomalaque, Jerome B. http://jeromebatomalaque.pbworks.com, https://github.com/Mordekaiser, IBMSurvey, wiki, Ethical Theories

Borja, Sandra Mae E., PBWorks || GITHUB || WikiAssignment || Contemporary Moral Problems - Ethical Theories || Social Network

|| Book

Bretaña, Nolan JayB. PBWORKS Github Survey Wiki Ethical Theories Ethics  

Chong, Ralph Renz PBWORKS || Ethical Theories || Survey || Wiki Assignment || Github || IBM SURVEY

Cruz, Irish Danielle G. PBWORKS|| GITHUB|| Survey || Wiki ||EthicalTheories||

Cruz, Ralph Angelo K. http://ralphcruz.pbworks.com   https://github.com/ralphcruz  Survey: IBM wikiHW SocialNetwork Ethical theories


De Castro, Edmarc T., PBworks // GitHub // Survey IBM //  Wiki Assignment // Ethical Theories // Book


De Guzman, Stephen Clark Sigmund B.,  PBworks // GITHUB // IBM SURVEY // Wiki Homework  // Ethical Theories // LinkedIn // BookReview

Domingo, Camille Ann B., PBWorks / Github / IBM Survey / Wikipedia HW / Ethical Theories / LinkedinWalkway Reflection.docx / Book Review


Escueta, Liel Ivan K. PBworks / GitHub / IBM Survey / Wikipedia Assignment / Liel's Scenario / Ethical Theories / Final Project


Evangelista, Dangielo G. pbworks_account ||  github_account || MyWikiAssign || Chapter1: Ethical Theories

Go, Justin Ryan A. http://justingo.pbworks.com // https://github.com/therealjustingo // IBM Survey // Go, Justin HW WIKI.docx // Ethical Theories // Scenario // Social Netwok // Copyright1 // Copyright2 // Book


Hao, Mikee Francis T. http://mikeehao.pbworks.com https://github.com/mikeehao || http://mikeehao.pbworks.com/w/page/51168819/Ethical%20Theories

Ibe, Carissa Joyce G. http://carissaibe.pbworks.com || https://github.com/carissaibe || SURVEY IBM || Assignment WIKI || Ethical Theories || Social Network || Book Review


Josol, Jason Mari A., [Pbworks] [Github Account] [ IBM Survey ] [Wikipedia Assignment] [Scenario Assignment] [Ethical Theories] [The Social Network] [Apache Licensed Software] [Walkway Reflection]


Lagrisola, Ivy Laureane R. http://ivylagrisola.pbworks.com  // https://github.com/ivylagrisola // IBM Survey // Wikipedia HW // Ivy's Scenario // Ethical Theories // The Social Network // Copyright Receipt1 // Copyright Receipt 2 // Book


Lam, Johnson , http://xiongwei254lin.pbworks.com https://github.com/xiongwei254lin http://xiongwei254lin.pbworks.com/w/page/49992036/Wiki%20Assignment Book Review

Largado Kevin Emmanuel T., http://kevinlargado.pbworks.com https://github.com/kevinlargado WikipediaHW http://itethic.pbworks.com/w/file/52726648/The%20Ethical%20Code.pdf http://itethic.pbworks.com/w/file/52726688/Midterms.docx

Lee, Paul Kenneth M. http://paulee503.pbworks.com// http://github.com/politss // http://paulee503.pbworks.com/w/page/51090560/Book%20Review


Lee, Winchester Shawn A. PB works page // Github //Survey:  Screenshot // Wikipedia Assignment//Scenarios Assignment//CMP Book Review //The Social Network Assignment // GITHUB Android App with APACHE License // Final Book Report


Maguad, Sandra Marie B.-  pbworks page survey wiki homework scenario Ethical Theories Final Project

Ocampo, Harold Anthony, http://haroldocampo.pbworks.com https://github.com/haroldocampo, IBMSURVEY WIKIASSIGNMENT Review Questions The Social Network Ethics Book


Ong, Wilmer Royce, S., PBworks || Github || IBM Survey: SCREENSHOT || Wikipedia Assignment || 4 Scenario & Actions || Ethical Theories || The Social Network || Final Project || LinkedIn



Pagatpatan, Mary Grace B. PBWORKS || GITHUB || SURVEY: || WIKI || CMP || SN || FinalProject || LinkedIn

Palacio, Christian Raymark S. PBworks / Github / IBM Survey / Wiki Assignment / ETHICAL THEORIES / SOCIAL NETWORK

Pato, Zarinah Mae A.,  MyPBWorks -- MyGitHub -- IBMSURVEY -- WIKI HW -- EthicalTheories -- BOOK - Ethics & Beyond


Regulacion, Donna Lyn B. Pbworks || MyGithub ||  SURVEY || WIKI ASSIGNMENT || Ethical Theories || Final Project

Reyes, John Christopher Reyes M. http://jcreyes.pbworks.com  http://itethic.pbworks.com/w/file/49917830/IBM%20Survey.JPG  http://itethic.pbworks.com/w/page/50945909/Jc%27s%20Scenario 

https://github.com/jcreyes Book Review up tp 7 chapters || Book Review Final Project

Robleza, Carlo Joshua D. PBWORKS || GITHUB || SURVEY || WIKIPEDIA ||

Samson, Nathaniel Edwin A., PBWORKS || GITHUB || SURVEY ||  Wiki Assignment || Midterm(NC)

Tac-an, Eleazar U., http://cookiemonstah.pbworks.com survey: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22DJNZLTP9Q/ThankYou -- https://github.com/lucky9-- http://cookiemonstah.pbworks.com/w/page/50071989/Assignment%20wikipedia 

Talle, Jasper Kenneth B. [PBWorks] [GitHub] [IBM Survey] [Wiki Assignment] [Contemporary Moral Problems] [Final Project] [LinkedIn] [Walkway Reflection]

Valencerina, Iris Angelette B. PBworks | GitHub | WikiHW | IBM Survey | Scenario | Ethics of Big Data | Ethical Theories | The Social Network | Information and Computer Ethics | 

Valenzuela, Van Kevin A. [PBWorks] [GitHub]  [IBM Survey] [Wiki Assignment] [Van's Scenario] [Ethical Theories] [The Social Network] [CMP Book Review]

Yu, Kristine Jan S. [ pbworks ] [github] ||Survey || Wiki ||BookReview1







<Last Name>, <First Name>, <Your PBworks> <--- please enter your names alphabetically

Angulo, Arvin M. http://vinceangulo.pbworks.com HWMidterm, BookReview

Ching, John Paolo Timothy C. http://paoloching03.pbworks.com https://github.com/paoloching999 HW:http://paoloching03.pbworks.com/w/file/14191567/Case%20study.doc

Cobankiat, Kendrick N. http://kendrickcbk.pbworks.com/ || Ethical Theories     

Cruz, Charles Kenneth Y. https://ckycruz.pbworks.com |   https://github.com/ckycryz | wiki hw: http://ckycruz.pbworks.com/w/file/49998156/WikiHW.doc | IBM: http://ckycruz.pbworks.com/w/file/51198168/survey2.jpg | CMP: http://ckycruz.pbworks.com/w/page/51198747/Ethical%20Theories |

Dayupay, Christina http://dayupaychristina.pbworks.com

Eleria, Edmundo Jr.,V. http://edmundoeleria.pbworks.com  https://github.com/edeleria 

          Wiki homework http://edmundoeleria.pbworks.com/w/page/49971199/Wiki%20Assignment 

          IBM Survey screenshot http://edmundoeleria.pbworks.com/w/page/50000231/IBM%20Survey%20Screenshot                                                                                         


Endaya, Joseph Lister C. http://josephendaya.pbworks.com Wiki homeWork http://josephendaya.pbworks.com/w/file/50000757/Endaya%2C%20Joseph%20Lister%20C..doc

Estrada, Quincy A.

                              <PBworks acc: http://quincyestrada.pbworks.com>

                              <Wiki HW:http://itethic.pbworks.com/w/file/50000007/Quincy%20Estrada.docx>

                              <Github acc: https://github.com/Estrada-quincy>

                              <Ethical Theories:<Midterms>

                              <IBM screenshot: http://quincyestrada.pbworks.com/w/file/50935379/estrada2.png>

                                   Book Review: http://itethic.pbworks.com/w/file/52726759/ITETHIC%20FINAL%20PAPER%202.pdf

Gatchalian, Dann A. PBWORKS | GITHUB | WIKIHW | IBM Survey | FBAPP-ECMI | CMP Book Review | Linkedin(100%) | The Walkway Reflection

Jimenez, Meuryz Cleomar http://meuryzjimenez.pbworks.com

Nolasco, Jairus Immanuel L. http://jinolasco.pbworks.com <-- ALL DELIVERABLE ARE HERE

Ordoña, Jan Anthony H., <MyPBWorks> <GitHub> <IBM Survey> <WikiHW> <FBApp-ECMI> <CMP> <LinkedIn-100%> <The Walkway Reflection>

Oruga, Renzl Kirk Patrick N. <http://renzoruga.pbworks.com ><https://github.com/renzoruga><http://renzoruga.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=Contemporary%20Moral%20Problems><http://renzoruga.pbworks.com/w/file/52787990/BOOK.docx>

Pabuhat, Nathan, http://natepabu.pbworks.com WIKI ASSIGNMENT -- > http://natepabu.pbworks.com/w/page/49955483/WIKIPEDIA%20ASSIGN

Par, Michael Vincent S. http://michaelpar.pbworks.com WIKI HOMEWORK http://michaelpar.pbworks.com/w/page/49966020/homework http://michaelpar.pbworks.com/w/browse/#view=ViewFolder&param=Ethical%20Theories

Segalle, Mark Brian P. http://marksegalle.pbworks.com https://github.com/marksegalle

Manalo,Paul Christian C.  PBWORKS /  GitHub   / wiki homework /  IBM Survey Screen shot / LinkedIn / Walkway Reflection/


Tac-an, Eliezer U. http://eliezertacan.pbworks.com


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