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ITETHIC 1T 2013-2014 Class Page

Page history last edited by Mark Kiefer Rafer Diccion 9 years, 4 months ago

ITETHIC Class Page 1st Trimester 2013-2014 TSM01


Reading List! <--- read up!


For your Final Project - Book Review of the Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics - use this exampl

NEW! ITETHIC Final Exams is here!

ITETHIC Midterm Exams is here!

NEW! Pojman Chapter 1 Quiz here




<Last Name>, <First Name>, <Your PBworks> <Twitter><--- please enter your names alphabetically

Alvarez, Christopher John R., http://chrisalvarez.pbworks.com Twitter: chriszeeey

Bagoyo, Alvin Jason P. , alvinbagoyo.pbworks.com Twitter: bagssb

Chua, Nicolo Cedrick Y., nicolochua.pbworks.com Twitter: -N.A-

Concepcion, Ryan Jacinto C. , http://ryanconcepcion.pbworks.com  Twitter: ryconcepcion

Diccion Mark Kiefer R., http://markdiccion.pbworks.com Twitter: @markdiccion

Domantay, Joshua Orven L., joshlayson.pbworks.com Twitter: @JoshLayson

Garza, Mariah T., maiagarza.pbworks.com Twitter: @maiamaiamariah

Gonido, Geryl Jan A., gerylgonido.pbworks.com Twitter: @GerylGonido

Jiao, Jon Martin C. martinjiao.pbworks.com Twitter: @JiaoMartin

Lau, Mike Klinton , http://mikelau.pbworks.com Twitter: @FollowTheMike

Lanzar, Marielou Kirsten R., marzlanzar.pbworks.com Twitter: @lemaaaaarz

Lim, Jan D. , http://janlim.pbworks.com Twitter: januaryjan

Luz, Eric Agustin L. http://luzeric.pbworks.com/ Twitter: ericluzdotcom


Silos, John Derick R. johnsilos.pbworks.com

Tarayao, Armi Jane, ajtarayao.pbworks.com Twitter: @ajtarayao


Assignments and Seatworks:


Alvarez, Christopher John R.


Bagoyo, Alvin Jason P.


Concepcion, Ryan Jacinto C. 


Diccion, Mark Kiefer R.


Domantay, Joshua Orven L.


Garza, Mariah T.


Gonido, Geryl Jan A.


Lanzar, Marielou Kirsten R. 


Lau, Mike Klinton P. 


Lim, Jan D.


Tarayao, Armi Jane A.


Silos, John Derick R.




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