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ITETHIC Class Page 3T 2014-2015

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ITETHIC Class Page 3rd Trimester 2014-2015 TI001



Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Philippines License.



Reading List <--- read up!

Midterms are here 

For your Final Project - Book Review of the Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics - use this example



<Last Name>, <First Name>, <Your PBworks> <Twitter><--- please enter your names alphabetically

Besa, Kenneth, http://besakenneth.pbworks.com @TheDeviantK

Mesarcia, Marlon, http://mesarciamarlon.pbworks.com  @MEbanghelyo

Cabugao, Perry. http://perrycabugao.pbworks.com/, @thut_platty

Gaerlan, Bernette, http://bernettegaerlan.pbworks.com, @bernette14

Geolingo, Yves, http://yvesjohngeolingo.pbworks.com, @yvesGeolingo

Bugtong, Michelle, http://michellebugtong.pbworks.com, @michellebugtong

Ting, Raphael http://raphaelting.pbworks.com

Manalo, Migui http://miguimanalo.pbworks.com

Ignacio, Ray Martin, http://rimartincafe.pbworks.com/, @rimartincafe

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