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Digital Ethics Book Project Reflection Format

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Reflection 1 (PaulTacadena)IT-Ethics

Snapchat: A Powerful Tool for Gathering and Distributing News

Nora Dunne

January 25, 2017





Quote: “If you secretly harbor the idea that Snapchat is frivolous or somehow a fad, it’s time to re-examine your certainties,” 


I’m a big fan of snapchat because of their filters and get a chance to connect with some friends even some news, sports and other interesting articles they will featured. Also the new update I had the chance to gather with some relatives that’s using snapchat. The news they’re posting and some interesting articles are really a big catch.Snapchat is a tool allowing journalists to report and distribute news in completely original ways. It’s also a platform empowering consumers to engage with news like never before. Using snapchat can help you get a support group, like what Omar did to interview the victims of sexual abuse. In this kind of way you can raise a awareness or maybe advocacy/voice to a women who have like this experience. What I learned about this article that you can enjoy at the same time and learned about your surroudings. Even you are in a busy area you still have time to be aware to your country. Hope their next update will let you to share and write about something you want.


5 Things That I've learned (List down 5 things that you've learned from the article)

  1. How snapchat earned money
  2. How they help other people through interview
  3. Their plan for update in the future
  4. I learned more about the app
  5. I learned more about the benefit of using it



Integrative Questions

     1.What will be the new update on snapchat? 




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