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The Ethics of Digital Dating

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"Online Date Dash" 

First Impression

            My first impression to this article is about online dating like tinder, okCupid etc. Dating using their mobile phone most of the time, less going out, watch movies, eat at a expensive restaurant.



      "The Internet makes it easy to find love but hard to leave it behind.”


Reflection Proper

     Online dating is not as easy as you think. Yes its easy to find someone to date using these sites and apps, but sometimes pictures can be deceiving. With this apps for online dating, the real essence of meeting new people personally is fading. There are pros and cons on in online dating. You can ditch the person if you do not like him or her, you can look for his or her pictures through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see if he or she is ok for you or not. This online dating app should limit the users accessibility to see other peoples information. Or maybe limit the uses of words so that they cant make up anything that is not in them. The essence of seeing or knowing who you are by other people is slowly fading because of you are adding additional identity to attract the other users. This dating apps is not really a good idea because it dos not bring people the audacity to meet other people in person despite the persons physical appearance. This app is making it easy to find a date but its not worth it when you just saw him or her online. The saying love at first sight is still better because  in this way, you will fully know the person well unlike in dating apps, you would put some expectations to the person.


5 Things That I've learned


  1. Some users of the dating sites and apps have criminal records and looking for their next victims.
  2. Most people are looking for their date in dating sites.
  3. Users google first their date before meeting in person.
  4. People stalks their partners and their ex’s online.
  5. Dating is now different than before.


5 Integrative Questions


  1. How can we retrieve the usual way of dating?
  2. How come people don’t go out their and look for their date than using dating sites?
  3. What harm can online dating bring to people?
  4. Why online dating is a phenomenon to the society?
  5. Why do people stalk their ex partners online?


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