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ITETHIC 1st Trimester 2015-2016 Class Page

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ITETHIC Class Page 1st Trimester 2015-2016 TI001



Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Philippines License.




Reading List <--- read up!

Your Finals are here :)

For your Final Project - Book Review of the Handbook of Information and Computer Ethics - use this example


For your Final Book Project - Pick at least 50 essays and write a reflection each from Digital Ethics. Use this format and see how the other classes edited this page. (See this example)




<Last Name>, <First Name>, <Your PBworks> <Twitter><--- please enter your names alphabetically


Aragon, Joerick Neil, http://joerickaragon.pbworks.com , @joerickaragon

Beltran, Renzo, http://renzobeltran.pbworks.com @zobeltran

Bernardino, Jenell Ann, http://jenellbernardino.pbworks.com @najbern

Corral, Jamila Justine http://jamilajustinecorral.pbworks.com @haaaamilaaaa

De Castro, Trixia, http://trixiadecastro.pbworks.com @kreyborne

Dela Cruz, Gavin Francesco, http://Gavin.pbworks.com @gavinfrancesco

Echague, Dionese Louie Y. http://louieechague.pbworks.com/

Farillas, Engel, http://engeledbert.pbworks.com @EngelFarillas

Ferrer, Daniel, http://danielferrer.pbworks.com, @13R0H00D

Gopez, Patrick Daniel, http://patgopez.pbworks.com, @GopezDaw
Kakilala, Dale Vincent http://dalevincentkakilala.pbworks.com @dalevincentkakilala 

Manalo, Migui http://miguimanalo.pbworks.com 

Maranan, Gerardo http://gerardomaranan.pbworks.com, @fiftydown

Nasser, Glenn Jason, http://glennjason.pbworks.com @bogssiie

Nebres, Lorenz Nigel, http://nigelnebres.pbworks.com @nigelisityou

Paglinawan, Brian, http://brianpaglinawan.pbworks.com @bripaglinawan

Pasno, John Kim, http://johnkimpasno.pbworks.com @kmpasno

Penacerrada, Sean, http://seanpenacerrada.pbworks.com, @spenacerrada

Santos, Paul, http://santospaul.pbworks.com, @santospaul3901

Tee, Andre Steven, http://andretee.pbworks.com, @AndreTheMoves

Tobias Tobias http://tobias.pbworks.com @TobiasTobiasJR

Cardones, Ron Andre G.  http://roncardones.pbworks.com/  @OldGamer1985

Simbulan, Veronika Jholeen http://Veronika.pbworks.com @verowyourboat


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Daniel Ferrer said

at 8:22 pm on Sep 14, 2015

Ferrer, Daniel, http://danielferrer.pbworks.com, @13R0H00D

Glenn Jason T. Nasser said

at 1:18 pm on Sep 16, 2015

Nasser, Glenn Jason, http://glennjason.pbworks.com @bogssiie

cayle esguerra said

at 5:35 pm on Oct 5, 2015

Esguerra, Cayle Jater, http://esguerracayle.pbworks.com

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So, Keith Edward, http://keithso.pbworks.com

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